Education & Youth Justice

There’s nothing more important to me than ensuring that every child in my district has a safe home, does not go hungry, and receives a good education. I am deeply concerned about how segregated our schools are. Even in New York City, we have an intensely segregated school system that is denying a generation of kids of color a fighting chance at a decent life.

The educational crisis does not stop with our youngest students. The student debt crisis from higher education has grown to an unconscionable extent.

Canceling student debt would relieve an unprecedented economic burden on working families, build a stronger bridge to the middle class, and fulfill the people’s right to accessible, affordable education.

I’m in favor of canceling as much as $50,000 of student debt for federal student loan borrowers as well as extending the interest reduction on student loans as a form of pandemic relief. The cancellation of student debt would dramatically narrow the racial wealth gap, giving millions of families a fighting chance at long-term financial security.