Alvarez fights for the Bronx

George is an Afro-Dominicano, a long-time resident of the Bronx, educated on two continents, and a successful local entrepreneur and job creator. He is already serving the people as a Member of Community Board 1 and Vice President of the Bronx Democratic Party. George’s passion is to help uplift lifestyles in the neighborhoods he seeks to represent in the State Assembly.

George Alvarez was awarded a Batchelor’s Degree in Computer Science from PUCMM, a top rated university in the Dominican Republic, and a Master’s Degree in Logistics from EOI, the prestigious School of Industrial Organization in Madrid, Spain, Cybersecurity from Harvard University VPAL Office, He is also technically Certified by the United States’ premier software development organization.

From NO HOUSE to the Community Board House and now ready for the Assembly House, George has been and will continue to be a fighter for immigrant families, racial justice, affordable housing, and good jobs.

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On the issues

George Alvarez's platform was developed in collaboration with his neighbors:

Safe Communities through Opportunity

Every family should feel safe in their neighborhood.

Housing is a Human Right

Every one of us deserves to live in a stable and healthy home.

Education & Youth Justice

Every child deserves access to a quality education.

Economic Opportunity for All

Economic opportunity should be universal.

Dignified Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right and access should be provided to all - no matter their immigration status, income, age, gender, ability or sexual identity.

Why is he running

Our community, City, and State are at a critical moment in the fight for social justice, and George believes in our community’s capacity to get through the most difficult of challenges and still rise.

George is running to fight for economic justice, and to demand the resources we deserve to be healthy and thrive.